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      Hi, my name is Michael and welcome to my website!
I sell top quality refurbished washers and dryers.  I supply the hoses, cords, flex exhaust and everything needed for a professional installation.  All machines are guaranteed for a period of 30 days but are reconditioned to last you for many years to come!!! Delivery and installation is free! The best part of what i offer is good service "after the sale" because you get an ironclad written service guarantee that covers parts and labor should your machines stop working
      I also do repairs at very reasonable rates and there is no service charge fees! You pay a flat rate for the repair only and if I can't fix it there is no charge!
      Most machines I sell have been refurbished. Before a machine is delivered to you, it is carefully inspected, serviced, needed repair work completed, and then they are meticulously cleaned inside and out and "retouched" to look new from the store!
      I try to be polite, professional and respectful of your home when making deliveries.  You will find below feedback from customers  who have previously purchased machines from me.  Please feel free to contact them and ask about their experience with "The Washer/Dryer Guy".  Please call or text me for machine descriptions and specifications.  In order to save both you and I time and money,viewing of available inventory is by email or cell phone photo text only.  Haul-away is free.  I also work alone, so you if you ever have a problem, you only have to deal with one person and I do everything possible to make sure you are happy with what you buy!!!
Thank you and I look forward to serving you!!
  • Thank You!
  •  (jessicalee803@yahoo.com)5:45 PM To: mpope70@msn.comFrom:Jessica Clark (jessicalee803@yahoo.com)Sent:Thu 9/12/13 5:45 PMTo: mpope70@msn.com (mpope70@msn.com)Michael, I just wanted to send a little thank you for my washer and dryer! I've been using them quite frequently and they are both working perfectly. You don't know how helpful it was that you were able to deliver them to Fort Gordon for us. Feel free to use this as a reference, I'll definitely be giving your name out to other families out here who need quality products and service!! Thank you again!!  Jessica Garrett 

    On May 31, 2013, at 10:27 AM, "Mark Arnold" <arnoldmark63@gmail.com> wrote:
    Thank you again so much. 
    We'll post your information and websites from time to time on our Facebook pages and I'll keep your number in my phone for future repairs and referrals. 
    You really are much better than your competition. I'm someone who respects people who excel at their work. Thank you for the stellar communication and prompt service.
    With appreciation,
    Mark and Melissa Arnold (803)401-5437
    James Osbie (803)569-0799  3/27/2013  "Thanks again for your prompt and courteous service.I'm very pleased with my washer and dryer"
    Barbara Swan  Martinez,Ga   Email:bswan29@comcast.net           Date 2/14/2013
    "Thankyou for your great service and response for a dryer.it works so much better then the old one did. i also thankyou for your professional service and personal attention"
    Mr. Pope,
    I was so impressed with your response to my service call tonight that I just had to say thank you once more. Within an hour of my text message (which I sent at 7pm), you had arrived at my home and had my dryer working better than it did when I first purchased it. As a working mom of two, my dryer is an essential part of our household. Your speedy, professional, and extremely competent service saved the day. It is truly rare to find such good customer service. Thank you again for what you do. I will absolutely call you again if any issues arise with my washer/dryer. Also, I will not hesitate to recommend you to everyone I know. Best wishes to you and your family. ~ Brooke Garcia (whirlpool dryer belt replacement, June 12 2012 )
    Date: 12/21/2011
    Michael, I called you last week about my dryer not working. My brother-in-law checked the outlet and it was wired wrong. He fixed it and the dryer works great. I appreciate you being so honest and not just out to make money off everyone. I have already told several people about you and they said they were going to call you. Thank you, I have so much going on with my house which in the  13th week of remodeling and my husband being in such bad shape.  Pat 803-593-5848
    Denise Chambers:    denise.chambers@att.net   date:7/18/11
    "Hi Michael,thank you so much for your fast response  to my request you were so accommodating. i couldn't be more exited about my set. I am so happy about the warranty and the products work great. I am saving so much money instead of going to the laundromat once every two weeks. I just wanted to say thank you,it has been almost 3 months now and i couldn't believe that I didnt get you a thank you note or anything so i at least wanted to send you an e-mail. Ok well take care and again thank you".
    Nicole Wernet (wernetfamily@att.net)
    Tue 3/31/09 9:14 AM
    Hi Michael!
    Remember me? I bought a W/D pair from you a couple months ago. I just wanted to write and let you know that they are both working wonderfully! Please feel free to post this letter as a reference. I was so impressed with how professional and knowledgeable you are.  When we had a glitch the 1 day because of my clogged vent you came out that day and helped me fix the problem, even though it was NOT with your machine. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who needs to buy a used, well refurbished, reliable machine.  
    Thanks again Michael!
    Nicole and Brian Wernet
    Comment posted by Bryan And Cindy on craigslist.com   Date 12/08/09
    Phone (803)800-2732
    My name is Bryan and my girlfriend and I bought a used washer and dryer about a year ago. Our dryer went out on us so we looked on here and gave Michael (www.washerdryerguy.com) a call. He delivered a dryer to us w/in a couple days. Although, we had a stroke of bad luck with our dryer he kept his word on his warranty and came back out and delivered another one without any hastle nor did he make me feel like he was aggrivated by it. I believe he is a great business man and I hope by me taking my time and posting this that it will earn him atleast a few more customers. I'm not saying that you won't have a good experience by dealing with someone else in the same business as him, but why would you want to chance it when I'm giving you a positive testimonial about him. So remember....www.washerdryerguy.com or call Michael at 706-951-3941
    This is a thankyou card from another satisfied customer!
          Just a note from my "mail pouch"thanks so much for exchanging the dryer-makes a world of difference for my wife. Its good to know good people are in the business of making sure their customers are satisfied!
                      What a blessing!
                                                                                                 Bob Eubanks
    date: 2/11/11
    Call (706)951-3941
    (Text me for faster response)
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